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Moropoulos Winery
The winery is located at the village of Neochori, in the heart of the PDO Mantinia zone and is housed in an old family cereal warehouse which has been transformed into a unique vinification scene.
The Moropoulos family has had a long-time tradition in vine-growing in Mantinia zone, producing high-quality fruit over the last decades. The siblings decided to take the family’s heritage a step further by establishing their own winery. This way they would be able to showcase the character of their vineyards and their respect to the Arcadian land.

Recently they started crafting small batches from their own vineyards and their winery has been growing with steady steps and over careful choices.

Creating fruitful long-term collaborations and increasing their export activity are their key priorities. For this reason, they would be happy to explore collaboration opportunities with professionals from abroad who wish to include wines from Greek producers in their selective portfolio.