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The Moropoulos family has had a long-time tradition in vine-growing in Mantinia zone, producing high-quality fruit over the last decades. The siblings decided to take the family’s heritage a step further by establishing their own winery.

The winery is located at the village of Neochori, in the heart of the PDO Mantinia zone, in Arcadia, Greece.


There are 12ha of cultivated vines at a high altitude (680-700m) upon well-drained rocky clay and loamy soils and a big part is under an organic certification.

Our intention is to craft small batches of each vintage after careful selection based on quality criteria in order to create a solid base and estimate the potential of each parcel.

Moropoulos Winery
The Moropoulos Winery official website is under construction at the moment. In the meantime, you can browse through this website to find out more about their history, the region and their vision for this special part of Peloponnese.